The business objective of iTECH Consulting Services LLC is to develop and market innovative software and IoT solutions to meet the needs of the wide range of internationally located companies, operating in various industries.

- The company is engaged in the development of both ready-made turnkey solutions, as well as specific IT products defined by the customer: in full or in separate software blocks.

- The company is also engaged in business analysis of the client's business process workflows, support and maintenance of the clients' server and IoT hardware and software infrastructure, testing and modification of the clients' software, and development of the clients' websites, including online stores.

- The company is also specializing in development and implementation of marketing campaigns to promote the produced software on the market. 


The company performs software and IoT hardware development, its support and marketing both on an hourly basis and on a preliminary assessment of the work agreed with the customer.

- To reduce costs, the company works on the principle of outsourcing, concluding service contracts with software engineers, QA testers, technology consultants, accounting specialists, and marketing professionals.

- The company hires software developers, IoT manufacturers, and other professionals, both on a full-time basis and as freelance consultants.

- Relationships between the company and its clients are governed by the Service Agreement.

- As a general practice, the intellectual property rights for all software, hardware and marketing content produced by the company belong to the company's respective customers.


1. Skeddy - delivered, continuous development
A mobile application to increase the profitability of TNC drivers.

2. One Atmosphere - delivered, continuous development
One Atmosphere is a marketing agency that specializes in quick launch campaign with the optimal selection of processes and tools, adjustment of a client’s team with the specific business processes and tools to gain your goals.

3. PeerPal - in-house project, continuous development
Аn AI-powered Content Routing Platform (CRP) aimed to effectively process the Big Data of our cultural preferences to match the most suitable and personalized content recommendations to the consumer’s taste through the web, streaming apps, dating services and social media.

4. imagio - in development
An AI-based selection of the necessary thematic volumes of information on the Internet according to the Internet search and interests of the subscribed user.

5. RideSoft - delivered, continuous development
A feature-rich and fully customizable PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that allows an entrepreneur to launch a taxi company like Uber, Bolt, or Lyft in any country without any software development and support costs.

6. ECHOTAG - delivered, continuous development
Mobile Media Interaction Platform provides call-for-action features to mobile user to increase CTR and ROI in advertising by improving engagement and collecting post-delivery feedback on mobile content such as ads, news and video.


 iTECH Consulting Services LLC has built by top software engineers and business management professionals with decades of experience in innovative business technologies.

Anatoly Tkach

Product, Operations

Yury Arane

Product, R&D

Eduard Yususpov

BD, Finance


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